Supported Competitions Process

This page is a timeline-oriented summary. For the full policy, see: Supported Competitions Policy v1.4

Application Process

  1. [Organizers] Research proposal
    • Obtain quote for venue
    • Find potential WCA Delegate
  2. [Organizers and Directors] Propose competition
    • At least 60 days before the competition date: Email with proposal outline
  3. [Deputies and Board] Assign CubingUSA Deputy for competition
    • Either a Deputy volunteers, or the Board appoints a willing Deputy.
    • Note that the CubingUSA Deputy may or may not also be an organizer or WCA Delegate.
  4. [Organizers and Deputy] File formal application
    • Deputy: Create application using template and work with Organizers on filling it.
    • Organizers file application with estimated budget.
    • All Organizers must sign the Code of Conduct and report any potential conflicts of interest (e.g. affiliation with puzzle company).
      • Deputy must confirm that all Organizers have signed.
    • Review Expense Policy to understand limits, especially for travel expenses.
  5. [Deputy and Board] Approve competition
    • "Two Authorized Approvers" will be defined as {Deputy and 1 Board member} or {2 Board members}.
    • <=$5K income/expenses: Consent from Two Authorized Approvers required to approve.
    • >$5K income/expenses: Board of Directors vote required to approve.

After Approval

  • [Deputy] Ensure insurance coverage
    • Deputy will be responsible for confirming insurance coverage.
    • Deputy should follow up requests from venue for insurance confirmation or "additional insured" coverage.
    • See Deputy Responsibilities [Deputy Access Only] for details.
  • [Organizers and Deputy] Sign vendor contracts
    • Contracts must be approved by Two Authorized Approvers in writing (email okay).
      • Approval may grant signing permission to a Deputy or Organizer. (Deputies preferred.)
      • Be sure to sign on behalf of CubingUSA and not yourself or another organization (e.g. WCA).
      • See Contract Policy for details.
  • [Organizers and Treasurer] Set up registration payment account
    • Online registration payments must go directly to CubingUSA.
    • Contact to link Stripe payments.
  • [Organizers] Announce competition
    • Generally wait to announce the competition until venue contract is signed.


  • [Organizers and Deputy] Upload personal auto insurance
    • If anyone plans to request personal driving reimbursement, they will need to upload their personal auto insurance policy before driving. See the Expense Policy page for details.
  • [Organizers and Treasurer] Manage expenses
    • Direct expenses: CubingUSA Treasurer pays directly. Preferred for large expenses, e.g. venue.
    • Out-of-pocket expenses: Organizer requests reimbursement within 30 days of the transaction.
    • Advance payment: If necessary, CubingUSA Treasurer may provide an advance.
      • In general we would prefer direct expensing for large expenses instead if possible.
    • Budget Exceptions
      • Executive Director, Treasurer, or Two Authorized Approvers may approve income changes or expense changes within 150% of originally approved expenses.
    • See Expense Policy for details.

During the Competition

  • [Organizers] Cash registration
    • Cash registration is only allowed for day-of registration.
    • Cash registration income must be tracked and reported on a per-competitor basis.

After the Competition

  • [Organizers] Financial Report
    • Organizers must work with Deputy and Treasurer on a final itemized report of actual income and expenses.
    • The Financial Report must be submitted within 30 days after the competition.