CubingUSA Organizer Policies

Supported Competitions Overview

Most WCA-recognized competitions in the US are run independently by local organizers with no involvement from CubingUSA.

CubingUSA Supported Competitions are an optional way for US organizers to run a competition under the auspices of CubingUSA, which means that all finances fall under the domain of CubingUSA.

Organizers: If you're interested in running a CubingUSA Supported Competition, please see the Supported Competitions Process page to get started.

Benefits for Organizers

  • All income and expences are in the name of CubingUSA, avoiding impact on organizers' personal finances.
  • Venues and other services may be negotiated in the name of CubingUSA, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which may be financially preferable.
  • CubingUSA can cover event insurance if required by the venue.

Requirements Highlights

  • Budgeting and finance requirements to ensure fiscal responsibility
    • Organizers must submit an application including an estimated budget at least 60 days in advance.
    • Expenses must be pre-approved and may only be reimbursed with receipts.
    • Any net income goes into the CubingUSA general fund.
  • Organizers must agree to the CubingUSA Code of Conduct.
    • Notably, organizers may not personally financially benefit and must report any potential conflicts of interest.
  • A CubingUSA Deputy, appointed by the CubingUSA Board of Directors, will oversee the competition.
  • All sponsorships, partnerships, and prizes must be pre-approved.