Contracts must be approved by either:

  • 2 Board members
  • The Deputy for a Supported Competition and 1 Board member
  • The two approvers must not be related to each other

Full Policy

  1. For purposes of this policy, a “Contract” includes any commitment to obligate or bind CubingUSA. Examples of contracts include (but are not limited to) engagement or retention letters, letters of understanding or agreement, financing agreements, promissory notes, offer and acceptance, letters of intent, option agreements, service agreements, purchase agreements, and leases (real estate and equipment).
  2. A written contract is required. In general, CubingUSA policy is that Contracts will be memorialized in writing.
  3. Approval Authority
    1. At least 2 Unrelated Members of the Board of Directors must approve a Contract in writing. For clarity, this means that any active member of the Board of Directors may sign a contract with the written approval of one additional member of the Board of Directors (making for two Board members total).
      1. Supported Competition Contracts: Contracts related to CubingUSA Supported Competitions may also be approved in writing by the designated CubingUSA Deputy for that Competition and one Unrelated Member of the Board of Directors.
      2. Sponsor/Partner Contracts: Contracts involving sponsorships or partnerships should be recommended in writing by at least one member of the Sponsorship Advisory Committee, but this is not strictly required.
    2. Definition of “Related”: For purposes of this policy, Board Members (or a Deputy and a Board Member) are related if they have any familial relationship with each other (ancestors, descendants, siblings, or spouses).
    3. Courtesy Notice: As a courtesy, the Board of Directors should be given at least 24 hours to review a Contract prior to sending to third parties, even if it has been approved. Board Members may grant exceptions in cases of urgency.
  4. Signature Authority
    1. Board Members: After a Contract has been approved, any Board Member may sign the Contract.
    2. Delegated Signature Authority: After a Contract has been approved, any Board Member may delegate signing authority to a member of CubingUSA Personnel or to an Organizer of the relevant CubingUSA Supported Competition (if any).
  5. Post-Signature Storage
    1. The Secretary or designee is responsible for maintaining all signed agreements under this policy.
      1. The Secretary should facilitate a document storage and maintenance program to address expirations and archival.
    2. Board Members or other CubingUSA Personnel who signed a Contract should forward complete, counter-signed copies of agreements to the Secretary—or otherwise store them in a manner determined appropriate by the Secretary—as soon as possible after signature.